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Boeing vs Airbus ... again! B737NG vs A320NEO

Boeing cannot see any "compelling reason" to follow its European rival Airbus and offer a new engine upgrade for its best-selling single-aisle passenger jets, the US Company has revealed. A keenly anticipated €1 billion plan Airbus announced last week to offer new engines on its A320 family of jets from 2016 would be costly and complex, said Jim Albaugh, head of Boeing's commercial aircraft division. It would only add " a few percent " in financial benefits for airlines. " We certainly can't see a compelling reason to do it " he said in an interview with FT . Well, this is the second major disagreement between two major aircraft producers since the announcement of the  A380 project. Airbus supported the case of bigger aircraft on major routes and feeder/de-feeder to/from hubs while Boeing supported the case of more direct flights between several cities, which perfectly in-line with ıts B787 strategy. Today, this is still an open discussion. As lo

Yol Gidenindir!

Hani ecnebi röportajlarında okuruz, adama sorarlar “ what is your motto ” diye, o da “iyi çalış, iyi yaşa” gibi klasik cevap verir. Bizde ise sanırım herkesin hatırlayacağı rahmetli Sakıp Sabancı 'nın “çalışmak, çalışmak ve çalışmak” şiarı meşhurdur. Benimki ise hayat tarzımdan yola çıkıp hayata bakışıma yansıyan şekilde gelişen “Yol Gidenindir!” oldu. Bu yüzden bu blogun adı da, twitter hesabımın da adı Yol Gidenindir. Facebook , linkedin ve bilumum sosyal paylaşım ağlarındaki profillerimde de ya isminde ya da uygun bir yerinde mutlaka yer alır bu “ motto ” Peki nereden çıktı bu Yol Gidenindir? Aslında her şeyin başlangıcı 90'lı yılların ortalarında havayollarında başlamama dayanıyor. 1995-1997 yılları arasında American Airlines , 1997-2004 yılları arasında da Swissair / SWISS Internetional Air Lines 'da, 2009-2010 yılları arasında da SunExpress 'de çalıştım. Toplamda çalışma hayatımın çoğunu, 10 yıldan fazla bir süreyi havayollarında geçirdim. Havayollarında

Business gets social...

Social technologies enable people to connect and interact with unprecedented speed and ease. Yet, there is still confusion about the value that social technologies deliver. Savvy business and IT leaders are getting smart about exploring — and possibly exploiting — the opportunities these new relationship dynamics promise.  The special report of Gartner offers a growing body of research to help understand this fast-evolving arena. You may download the full report with essential reading lists from this link . Here is the summary and my comments;  Exploring the Opportunities of Social Media Foundations  Although vast numbers of business and IT leaders use social networks and social media for personal use, many enterprises are grappling to determine the right approach and timing for enterprise solutions. The market for social technologies is rapidly expanding and evolving as vendors seek to capitalize on enterprise investments, and this activity fuels the hype. In most organizations, the

GAP Logo (Re) Change Issue

You are not someone or a brand which you think; you are absolutely someone or a brand what the others think... So it is very important to listen to your target audience and be brave. Here is a good example from the US. GAP has probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating its new logo. They were looking for a change, a dynamic, young, fresh, modern...etc. logo for the next decades. Many people worked on it, some people choose it, and a couple of them approved it. Look what happened at the end of the day! US clothes retailer GAP has scrapped the new logo just one week after its introduction following an "outpouring of comments" online. The original logo, which has been used for more than 20 years, has a blue box with "GAP" written in the white inside, and the new one was with GAP in black with a blue box on the top right. In a statement released on the GAP website, Marka Hansen, president of GAP Brand North America, said the company's customers always

Can this work for Turkish Tourism?

Turkey, one of the hot -in both way- travel destinations for many Europeans. This year, due to Euro Zone's economic situation, more and more are coming to Antalya, Bodrum & Aegean Coast of Turkey as the average cost of a holiday is less than a one in Spain or Greece. Also, they spend Lira instead of Euro while shopping or tipping ;) However, this may not continue... Euro Zone can stabilize itself, and/or Turkey may finally join the EU after decades :) During the weekend I read an article about tourism and tour operators in Europe. Mr. Baraner suggested governments take a stake in those companies in order to secure a serious amount of tourists. In theory, it sounds good. Think about it; Turkish Ministry of Tourism holds a 20% stake in Öger , Neckermann , or Kuoni,  and during their yearly planning meeting, they are discussing their next year focus country... guess which country is going to be top of the list?! ;) The other idea I liked very much is from Kiwis... another side of

Brand new SunExpress is ready for you!

New aircraft, nice surprises, same old value prices...   It is on air... after 3 years of long studies and a year-long rebranding process, we launched the new SunExpress yesterday, in Antalya, with the participation of more than 3.000 people. The event's crescendo was the arrival of the 22nd aircraft, a B737-800 NG, which is a direct purchase from Boeing.   For the question "What's new at SunExpress?" the answer is here;  http://www.sunexpress.com/xq-tr/en/flight-info/the-new-sunexpress.jsp It will take almost a year to paint the fleet and change every brand item, but renewed services and concepts will be on the air as of May 2010. I hope you will experience it soon and enjoy!


Have you ever re-branded a brand? Have you ever gone through this process? I think a few of you may answer; yes!    In an airline, you start with the aircraft as it is the king, but then you start thinking and working on maybe hundreds of items from the small salt package in the cabin to the new meal concept, from website to the in-flight entertainment system, from uniforms to logo itself... This is what is going on now at SunExpress ... a German branding agency, a German communication & corporate design agency, a local Turkish creative agency, two media planning agencies, a Turkish PR agency, a German interactive agency, and an e-commerce consultant are working with us to make it possible, to make a dream true.   Personally, I am so excited to be a part of it and one of the key figures. I have launched the  SWISS brand in Turkey before, but that was the local implementation of a global concept by Winkreative of Tyler Brûlé.  This is completely different! Hope you will like it

Impressions of Istanbul by SunExpress

    It is simply impossible for such a city not to impress artists and people. From literature to plastic arts, from music to stage performances, Istanbul has always been an inspiration to artists. SunExpress is among the lucky companies to have its great Istanbul experience.  SunExpress is flying from Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen base since April 2008 and already charmed with this magnificent city. The “Paint Book” aircraft is a very special project, a way of contributing to the promotion of this city. The unique livery design is a simple, uncomplicated yet quite diverse and strong visualization of Istanbul. The different images on the aircraft are the individual drawings of the Turkish and German artists after being asked their impressions of Istanbul. “ Impressions of Istanbul by SunExpress ” as we wrote on top of our aircraft, is a testament to Istanbul’s impact on plastic arts. Istanbul aircraft will be in Istanbul SAW on the 26th of February and serve domestic and European destinations

Avrupa'nın En İyi 8 Gece Treni

Aşağıdaki seçimler Lonely Planet tarafından yapılmış. İngilizce olarak tam metni buradan okuyabilirsiniz. Altına ben kısaca aklıma ilk gelenleri yazdım ama siz siz olun araştırmadan bu gezilere kalkışmayın ;) Ama trenle yolculuk güzeldir, keyiflidir... hayatınızda mutlaka bir kez uzun yol yapın, 10-12 saat çok değişik yaşanabiliyor... İşte listemiz; Moskova >>> St Petersburg Rusya'nın en önemli ve görülesi iki şehri arasında hizmet veren Kırmızı Ok / Red Arrow treni Londra >>> Fort William Caledonian Sleeper sizi bilinen trenlerden farklı olarak Euston'dan İskoçya 'ya götürüyor Paris >>> Venedik Avrupa'nın iki romantik şehri arasında yolculuk hoş olsa gerek... Trondheim >>> Bodo Güzel bir Norveç deneyimi olarak görmek lazım. Amsterdam >>> Kopenhag Amsterdam'daysanız Kopenhag'a gitmek niye? Budapeşte >>> Split Orta Avrupa'nın orta çağ yaşam tarzı ve mimarisinden sıcak Akdeniz'e doğr

Top 10 Business Ideas for 2010

According to Springwise, below smart ideas covered in 2009 will provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2010.  2, 8, and 9 are my favorites on this list. For a full review of each idea, please follow this link;   TOP10 . What are your favorites?  1. Small-scale food production using membership models  2. Low impact advertising 3. Health tracking devices 4. Sample stores, cafes & vending machines 5. Discreet rooftop solar panels and wind turbines 6. Rotating retail at airports and in malls 7. Remote farming for consumers 8. Connecting creative consumers with local fabricators 9. Paying consumers to promote products they use and love 10. Single-use toilet bag turns human waste into fertilizer 

Cenk Uygur Sets Out to Take Down Traditional TV

Check this out! (but don't panic, it is from Dec'09) A young Turk, Cenk Uygur, and his rebel band are out to take down traditional television, with a hand from YouTube, satellite radio, and 500,000 fans.  For a full story, visit FastCompany... here is the link ! You may check his blog as well for the latest views and comments... Enjoy it!

Corporate Design & Marketing for New Setups

They promote the system by "With FreshlyBranded, you can access millions of professional and amateur designers, writers, and marketers from all of the world. All for as little as $99" slogan. Looks like gray as their logo on the right... however, when you dig their site and read about how it works section, you get the idea. If you are a new setup or family company looking for a nice design and some ideas to do marketing, have a visit to FreshlyBranded .

Tryvertising 2009

I have mentioned it in 2006 and wrote as "It is a new concept in marketing, and I wonder where it will end up?" (At that time, the blog was in Turkish!)  http://borgadincler.blogspot.com/2006/03/tryvertising.html Look how tryvertising evolved! http://springwise.com/marketing_advertising/esloultimo/