Ocak, 2012 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012

Here is the briefing of trendwatching.com about the 12 crucial consumer trends for 2012. I will share the list only, so the ones who like to read the briefing in full please click here... Red Carpet (... which I am also working on) DIY Health Dealer-Chic Eco-Cycology Cash-Less Bottom of the Urban Pyramid Idle Sourcing Flawsome Screen Culture Recommerce (...which I found very interesting) Emerging Maturialism Point & Know I know that some of those trend names are a bit weird but worth to read... enjoy!

Wearing a slogan on your t-shirt is so passé

We were thinking about this years ago for networking with barcodes but the production of X amount of t-shirts with different codes was too costly. Some Londoners tried and did there ;) Now it is the era of QR codes and this can work! Heineken opens your QR world

Abu Dhabi International Airport today marks its 30th anniversary

Abu Dhabi International Airport Celebrates 30 Years of Success