Mayıs, 2014 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Lufthansa Premium Economy

Turkish Airlines has decided to discontinue its award-winning* Comfort Class service in 2013**, but its rival Lufthansa is going to launch its Premium Economy service by the end of this year. First of all, I may say that it looks like LH did its homework well, and this trial is far more promising. In general, I believe that the most challenging part of this new segment is pricing. From a passenger point of view, I am ready to pay extra for additional space, better seat comfort, and food on a long-haul flight, but this price difference shouldn't be more than 50% of the regular economy ticket. Lufthansa asks for 1199 € for a premium economy ticket between Istanbul and New York, while the Economy Class is 595€, and Business Class is 2675€. Lufthansa has also launched a microsite to promote this new service. It is very simple and sophisticated, easy to navigate, and to the point. A perfect example of new product marketing. Visit  http://premium-economy.lufthansa.com to experience the