Aralık, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Airbnb Flights

Before we get into details, please have a look at these two links; Skift - Airbnb Is Really Building A Flight Search Engine  Bloomberg - News about intentions of Airbnb Skift Take by Dennis Schaal; Turns out it is more than a trial balloon, after the announcement of possible flight search at Airbnb Open last month. The margins are tiny in flight search, not sure why it would be better than any other OTA, other than it has lots of traffic coming to Airbnb. How has Airbnb changed the way we travel? Simple. They offered a new, different, and genuine way to stay in the cities we visit. We loved this from host to guest concept. If you go for a room, it is far less expensive than a hotel room. This may not be suitable for all, but if you go for an entire apartment, it is a better option than any hotel, especially if you are traveling with more than two people. I traveled to Amsterdam this month with my friends, and we stayed in a nice, centrally located apartment. It cost €50pp/night, w