Şubat, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Digital in Turkey - 2016

It is better to compare it with the previous year's results, which I published in this blog; Digital in Turkey . From my point of view, the most important one is the 50% equal share of laptops/desktops and mobile devices/tablets. Social media usage and habits are also indicative both in Turkey and the rest of the world. In two years, the company I work for will inaugurate the world's biggest hub; Istanbul New Airport. The question is, are we going to have a traditional airport website for our further passengers or what? Anyway, here is the chart for the main indicators. The full report can be viewed through slideshows of @wearesocialsg on LinkedIn.

The people behind SWISS

I was one of them for almost 7 years... first 5 years with the legendary Swissair , which was a unique and priceless experience. The below video is such a nice one that brings you on a journey through the successor  SWISS .

Güney Afrika Gezi Notları - Cape Town / Durban

Havacılığa başladığım 90’lı yıllardan beri gitmek istediğim lakin hem zaman hem de bütçe kısıtları nedeniyle gidilmesi hep ertelenen bir ülke olan Güney Afrika’ya bir iş gezisi vesilesiyle nihayet gidebildim. Güney Afrika’ya gidenlerden genelde duyduğunuz Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sun City, Krugger Park gibi kulağınıza aşina olan yerler olduğunu biliyorum. Benim seyahatim ise THY’nin yeni uçmaya başladığı Durban’da gerçekleşen bir konferans nedeniyle bu şehirden başladı. 4 günlük iş seyahatinin sonuna ekleyerek sadece Cape Town şehrini görebildim. Güney Afrika hakkında Afrika Kıtasının en ucundaki bu topraklara ilk gelenler 1652 yılında Hollandalılar. Bu nedenle pek çok şehir, bölge ve sokak ismi, buna ek olarak ülke genelinde konuşulan Afrikaans dilinin de özü Felemenkçe. Daha sonra Hollanda’nın gücünün azalması ve İngiltere’nin yükselişi ile 1700lü yılların sonundan itibaren İngiliz hakimiyeti söz konusu. Şans mı yoksa tesadüf mü bilinmez ülkenin bugün bile en önemli gelir kay

Why Boeing airplane models start with number 7?

I was wondering about the real reason for a long time. Why they name them as 7X7? Forget all stories and conspiracy theories you heard about the model numbering of Boeing airplanes. There is a logical reason which makes sense, at least at the organizational level... After World War II, Boeing President William Allen set about an ambitious restructuring of the company, dividing each new department by three-digit numbers. The 300 and 400 departments continued to focus on the company’s propeller aircraft offerings, while 500 came to denote the company's part focused on turbine engine development. The 600s were reserved for rocket and missile products. And finally, the burgeoning jet aircraft division of the company was assigned the number 700. As the company prepared its Model 700 jet for commercial sales, Boeing’s marketing department swept in and rightfully suggested that the name didn’t exactly roll of f the tongue. Instead, the 700 was renamed as the alliterative 707. The 717 fol

The World's Longest Flights

Here is a nice work that shows the world's longest flights as of January 2016. Nowadays,  MEB3 airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad, compete for another title, the world's longest route. Qatar Airways is planning to launch the Doha - Auckland route (9.034miles/18,5hrs), while Emirates announced Dubai - Panama City link (8.588miles/17,5hrs). On the other hand, Singapore is planning to reinstate its legendary Singapore - New York flight (9.500miles/19hrs) with Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft. You may visit the following links to read a bit more about this new battle; Yahoo Finance , Skift , and Statista . I also heard that Turkish Airlines is searching for an aircraft to establish an air link between Istanbul and Australia, the only continent that TK doesn't serve. My personal limit for a comfortable and healthy flight in economy class is around 6-7hrs. In premium cabins, this is around 12hrs. The idea of spending 18-19hrs or even more in a flight where you have li