Şubat, 2018 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Lufthansa - A step back in rebranding

Lufthansa to revise “new” livery after only three weeks according to the news on aviation websites .  This is quite unusual for a German company, and it looks like the debate is going on inside the airline HDQ in Frankfurt. I think that this rebranding is not a successful one. I read and watched everything on LH's dedicated site for this rebrand; Explore the New. Have a look >>> Still not convinced! Removing the famous LH Yellow from the logo (and tail), and decrease its use to as low as %10 (just a small yellow area next to the front door) was not the best decision. Dark blue color and its shape on livery was another problem, which LH is tackling now. I support rebrandings in principal as someone who has rebranded an airline 10 years ago. However, I know that this has to be done very carefully, especially if you are a global brand. Sometimes a brand refresh is better than a complete rebranding. There are good examples, though. Etihad did a fantastic job several years ago.